Best wall system for a 200+ year home?

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Best wall system for a 200+ year home?

Hi I am still in the planning phases of designing a home in zone 6. I was recently looking at building a ~R50 double stud wall with a 3/4" rain screen gap clad in fiber cement siding.

I am 27 years old and plan to live in this house for hopefully 50+ years. I would like assistance determining if I am better off with a low maintenance lifetime siding like brick. Since I'm still fairly young does the added initial expense of brick have a favorable return on investment over 50 years or more when passed on into future generations?

I feel sustainable design should be low maintenance and that the future users of the house need not understand the science behind its design. I also think the system should be able to withstand prolonged periods of no maintenance if future users are ignorant of maintenance.

What wall system is best to use in a forever house?
With thoughts of making a house that can be passed from generation to generation please consider this wall system...

From exterior to interior:
Brick, air gap, WRB, insulation, masonry structural wall, service cavity, drywall.
I'm unsure of what insulation should be used. CC Spray, rigid foam board, rigid Rockwool sheeting, other options?

I would also prefer to use structural masonry wall for the thermal mass and durability. I was thinking dry stack surface bonded block or maybe poured cement.

I would greatly appreciate feedback.


Asked by Shane Fairman
Posted Sat, 11/03/2012 - 07:10