Mixing cellulose insulation and whole-house fan

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Mixing cellulose insulation and whole-house fan

Had 6" blown cellulose added to our small 440-sf attic in spring 2010 (entire upstairs is 900 sf and balance of area beyond 440 sf is cathedral ceiling) ... The contractor installed a rigid insulation dam around the small whole-house fan (Tamarack 1600 Gold with 1150 cfm on low speed, we only use low and never high due to fan noise) ...

Winter 2011, we had a shut-down of the attic venting system due to airborne cellulose stirred up the the whole house fan migrating to the Cobra mesh ridge vent and completely clogging the mesh .. resultant mess with mold and condensation damage ended up costing $25,000 to rip out all 2nd floor ceilings, remediate the mold, engineer $ fees, demo insulation systems in attic and cathedral ceilings, and re-do entire upper floor of house with closed cell spray foam and all new drywall ...

I am trying to get industry feedback from professionals who have knwoledge of dangers of mixing cellulose and whole-house fans .. industry links, websites, anything that discuss this issue would be great. Thanks ..

Please also email me at conestco@fairpoint.net in addition to posting here in case I miss your post at GBA website ...

Asked by Bruce Sanford
Posted Tue, 11/06/2012 - 18:13
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