Half wall basement ?

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Half wall basement ?

I priced spray foam and it was 3k so we want to use xps on the block walls and in the rim joist area. Since the 2x4 walls are only 1/2" from the block wall I can't fit any foam back there can I cut the foam to fit between the studs and fill the area behind the stud with canned foam?
Do I caulk the sill area or foam it?
The area above the block wall is the above grade wall and it has fiberglass batts and is 2"x6" framing then the 2"x4" frame is in front of that to make a flat wall to the ceiling how should this upper wall be insulate? XPS? Fiberglass a combo and how much R-value?
I live in Alaska near anchorage I think cold zone 8.
I really want to start this project but I don't want to do it wrong.

Thank you

Asked by Kelli Cornwell
Posted Sun, 11/11/2012 - 19:09