Old radios and asbestos

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Old radios and asbestos

Last week my wife Jessica brought home a neat old radio and turntable in a cabinet.
Her idea is to turn this old cabinet radio into a vanity.

During my inspection of the cabinet I noticed what appears to be an asbestos "heat shield" stapled to the cabinet above some vacuum tubes.
The asbestos does not appear damaged.
There are no plans to repair the radio into working condition so I would like to remove the asbestos if we will be using the cabinet in our house.

When I contacted a local asbestos removal business about what I might do, the guy I spoke with told me to soak it down with water, take it out, wrap it up and throw it out...
This advice seems consistent with some advice I had read on some "old radio" forums...

Anybody here have any insights?

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Asked by Lucas Durand - 7A
Posted Thu, 11/15/2012 - 12:04
Edited Thu, 11/15/2012 - 15:53