Should I exhaust from the bedrooms or the baths?

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Should I exhaust from the bedrooms or the baths?

For a 2000 sq foot, 2 story house, with superinsulated 12 inch double stud walls in South Jersey, how should I best provide ventilation?

The design offers multiple choices. I can easily add a HRV with ducts drawing from the bedrooms or the baths or the kitchen or any combination of those. I have seen discussion on the GBA about the "smells like teen spirit" effect and I appreciate that lyric as I have two teen boys in those upstairs bedrooms.

I can easily supply air to an upstairs hall between the bath and bedrooms where I will be installing a mini-split. I can also supply air to the living room near another mini-split.

I am thinking I might add small bath exhaust fans with timers (perhaps with heating elements as well). Should I use the HRV instead of bath fans? I will also be adding a whole house fan that will primarily draw air from the kitchen area and the master bedroom on the first floor.

I know that I have many possibilities and I want to get this right, so I'm asking for any and all advice. I would add a PDF of the house floor plan but I do not see how . . .

Asked by Michael Arnold
Posted Tue, 11/20/2012 - 15:30
Edited Tue, 11/20/2012 - 15:40