SIP on top of ICF

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SIP on top of ICF

I am designing a house using 8 inch ICF foundation walls and a ten inch SIP on top of the walls. The SIPs will be 12' high. The main weight in a SIP is in the strand board skins so I want both of these skins to be over concrete even though they sit on top of a 1.5" thick sill plate.

My design is attached. My builder is concerned that if the slab settles different to the ICF wall there will be some imbalance of weight. To try and counter this I have made a ledge on the ICF wall for the slab to sit on.

Does anyone see potential problems or a better way to mount this SIP on this ICF?

Attachment process was not working so see picture in first answer below.

Asked by Stephen Carlton
Posted Tue, 11/27/2012 - 00:30
Edited Tue, 11/27/2012 - 00:36