Buried fresh air intake

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Buried fresh air intake

A local TV station ran a story about a recently built energy efficient house. It was in a rural area and not on a city lot. They were short on details of what made the home energy efficient. They said wall and floor were concrete so it sounds like they have an ICF house. There is a solar panel array. Last summer the ac cost $3 a month. No mention if that was total energy use.

The homeowner claimed "it does cost anymore to build" and she didnt know why more people didnt build ee homes.

They spent the most time talking about a fresh air intake. A pvc pipe was buried 10 feet deep and runs to the house. They didnt say how long the run was but it went quite a distance. This allowed a fresh air intake of "60 degree" air year around.

I would like to hear your views on such a setup. Personally I would worry about the potential for mold and bacteria growth inside the pipe fowling the incoming air.

Asked by Robert Hronek
Posted Wed, 12/05/2012 - 14:10