New fastener for applying exterior mineral wool.

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New fastener for applying exterior mineral wool.

We have been working with Fastenmaster in an effort to create a US made screw for applying Mineral Wool that sets in one motion and does not compress the MW. Therefore eliminating the need for "squash blocks" and making application quick while leaving the battens in plane. We have had some success and have a model built for 3" MW. A small production run has been made in the few thousand pcs range.

We are looking for feedback and confirmation that this fastener works for others. Are there any of my fellow "rock-heads" out there who regularly use MW and could test a small section of wall? This size only works on 3". It does not work for 2" or 4".

If we continue to find that this method works, we can go forward with a wider variety of lengths for varying thicknesses with confidence. If you are interested in testing the 3" version on a section or full project, please send an email to: info[at]smallplanetworkshop[dot]com with your contact and we will get in contact with you.

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Asked by albert rooks
Posted Thu, 12/20/2012 - 18:58
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