Sketchy insulation contractor

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Sketchy insulation contractor

After many months of research (thanks to this site) I finally hired an insulation contractor for my attic. The contractor was certified by building performance institute and after 4 different estimates I was pretty confident I had selected the correct one.

After agreeing to the contract and providing a 50% deposit the contractor arrived on Friday. The two workers arrived looking pretty tired and not really very happy to be there. They began work in the attic. They were to foam all penetrations and wall partitions with one part foam. I went up to check on them, and they indicated the sealing work was done. I went over to a random wall partition and it was not sealed. I asked why, and the worked indicated it didn't need to be because it was a tight fit.

Next I check on the other guy who is installing accuvents in a small area that I could not access near the roof gable. I had installed the other accuvents throughout the attic myself. He first indicated that there is no need for accuvents in this area, then he proceeds to install the accuvent directly over the soffit and usesa small piece of fiberglass and also covers the soffit. I couldn't get backto where he was to check why, but he indicated this was his only option as there was no end plate to secure the accuvent or fiberglass to.

Then comes the cellulose. It was supposed to be blown in to 24", however he begins installing it in "wave like" patterns that are completely inconsistent. I ask his about this, and he indicated he will take a rake and spread the area out once he is done blowing. I put my foot down and tell him, there is no way he is trudged through freshly blown insulation trying to rake it. He was annoyed, and mentioned something about he worked too many hours this week and just wants to go home and go Christmas shopping. I feel bad for the guy, but really that's not my fault, as I am paying a lot of money for this job.

They indicated they are done the blowing work so I head up again to take a final look. I see that he didn't insulate close to the end plates and there is a space between the accuvents. (The insulation seems to level off before the top plate.) He says they always do it this way. Then I tell him that's the benefit of the accuvents, in that you can insulate right up close to them. He says he is out of insulation anyways. They vacuum up, and leave. No request for final payment.

How does this sound to you guys, and how would you handle it when the owner comes knocking for his final 50% payment? I really don't want that crew coming back to my house, as I fear retaliation for my complaining to their boss. I find it hard to believe those guys are BPI certified, but their company is indeed listed as certified. Any thoughts on a resolution?

Asked by Rocky Pembroke
Posted Sat, 12/22/2012 - 18:48
Edited Sun, 12/23/2012 - 11:50