What are the REAL downsides of ICFs?

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What are the REAL downsides of ICFs?

Let's say i've set eye on 2 building methods
( sorry if my view is always toward cold climate building ..bear with me )



I've read discussions on this board and other websites,
thought about it ..heck it was my first idea all along!!!
PERSIST building method has to be the most efficient type of building
for passive and or very low energy haus

( why is not everybody building that way on cold climates if it is the best method neway ??? )

But then if we introduce ICF in the discussion
add on more exterior insulation ( like Quad Lock is doing with the + and double plannels .. )
it is possible to get as good R value as required with this method

ICF if detailed properly around openings, should have a very "air tight" building evelope right ?
Without too much efforts .. ( i'd have to see where a 8" concrete with 8-10" of EPS on its back
could leak air )

I've built my house with quad lock icf ... i new little
didn't get any additional exterior insulation ( and i'm in zone 6-7 ) MY BAD ..but i was young
and it was my first building of any type

but damn, i was less expensive than planned, went superbly easy ...
( the ICF part ..all else went wrong .. hahaha )
and i really enjoyed working with the ICF products and rebards and concrete pumps etc...

so as my topic .. what are the downsides of ICF ??

i'm sure my ICF house will be still standin in a few hundred years if it is not bombed or whatever else ... don't think so about most other wood framed houses all around me
( i've used a little passed 1600 20' M10 rebars, and approx 200 1" X 20' ..i'm sure the walls are stiff enough to whistand residential abuse :p )

that's it ... would like to know what you think about building high efficient buildings with ICF
or any other you would judged superior in design and performance

( sorry if this was discussed elsewhere..didn't find any discussion about negatives of ICF
toward efficiency design )

( also note, i may wrongly express myself par my low english knowledge, if i do so, i didn't mean to " justify " my past choice in ICF at all ... i am only trying to learn about the best possible construction methods for high efficiency for future projects and to fill my brain space )

Happy new year all BTW!! hapiness and health !

Asked by Jin Kazama
Posted Mon, 01/07/2013 - 03:41
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