Another retrofit tale

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Another retrofit tale

If I have to phrase a post as a question, I guess this one boils
down to "so, whaddaya think?"

I managed a DER on my own house over the summer, and some of you
possibly saw some of my questions that stemmed from that. At the
risk of tooting my own horn a little, I'd like to start giving back
to the community by sharing the MONSTER writeup I've done about the
project -- and there's more to come, as I collect and compare energy
stats over the rest of this winter. At almost 120,000 words it's
easily book-length, but right now it's just a set of simple web-pages
with the story and plenty of detailed pictures and a decidedly informal
style. In effect it's a resource *I* would have loved to find online
when I began my own research.

It's also a complete geek-fest, dwelling heavily on technical aspects
and building science and HVAC fun as well as capturing some good
"action shots" of my contractors doing what they do.

While I'd rather not link to it directly for what are probably obvious
reasons, I have created an indirection step that only requires
following a couple of simple instructions in your browser:

and after that you can select any sections of particular interest.

Some of y'all at GBA have really helped me out over the last year
whether you know it or not, and this is the least I can offer
in return!


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