Passivehaus standard for commercial/industrial ??

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Passivehaus standard for commercial/industrial ??

I may have searched with the wrong words/terms,
but i haven't found anything that would be similar to the PassiveHaus standard
for commercial or industrial buildings ...

Does it exist ?
If not, could similar standards be applied to an industrial building design ?

Also, is there any software that we could use to design an industrial building as PHPP is used for houses ??

I will need to pin the following attributes :

- insulation quantity for walls, underslab and flatroof up to payback term of 10-15 years
- quantity of SHG required to get the best potential savings during heating season
- area of windows requried for SHG VS energy loss etc...
- potentially determine if a PV system could be beneficial

The building will probably be of very regular ( 4 walls all open inside ) design
something in the vicinity of 60'X100' , 20' of height
and i'd like to be able to set an example for local design in energy efficiency !

thanks for any help!

Asked by Jin Kazama
Posted Sun, 01/13/2013 - 01:23