Insulated chimney

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Insulated chimney

Hello Martin,

I'm considering wrapping this chimney in 2"- 3" of Roxul or Thermax or spray foam insulation before we cover it w/ sheetrock. Code is likely to require Roxul I think.

The picture shows I'm standing on the 2nd floor and shows the chimney as it comes up from the 1st floor and then goes through the 2nd floor ceiling, into the attic. This house will be getting an unvented attic, w/ 6-7" of CC spray foam on the roof decking / rafters, so the attic will be regarded as conditioned.

The 1st floor portion of the chimney will be covered w/ fieldstone veneer. (typical) I look at this chimney as a huge wick that steals heat from the 2nd floor and conditioned attic when the fireplace isn't burning. Do you see any problem w/ doing this insulation strategy. I recognize fireplaces like this do not promote building performance, but the homeowner was going w/ the fireplace no matter what.

Thanks for your help.

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Asked by Kevin Hanlon
Posted Wed, 01/16/2013 - 10:25