Step 2//Flanged window installation // face sealed // building paper

This 12-step face-sealed window installation series shows the sequence for a properly weatherlapped installation of the window unit but not the rough opening. A face-sealed installation like this is appropriate for low to moderate weather exposure. This installation series is also for the window unit going in before the weather-resistive barrier (building paperTypically referring to Grade D building paper, this product is an asphalt-impregnated kraft paper that looks a lot like a lightweight asphalt felt. The Grade D designation has come to mean that the building paper passes ASTM D779 (minimum 10-minute rating with the “boat test”) and different products are called out as “30-minute” or even “60-minute” based on D779 results. At times confused with roofing felt, roofing felts and building paper differ in two ways: felts are made of recycled-content paper, building papers of virgin paper; felts are made of a heavier stock paper; building papers a lighter stock. See also roofing felt. or housewrap).

Details that show the complete and final configuration of window installations are fine, but window installation step-by-step series are where the rubber meets the road.


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