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Energy-Saving Features of the Serenbe Community

EarthCraft-certified homes at Serenbe are energy-efficient, and planned transit improvements will also help save energy

Posted on Sep 19 2013 by Alex Wilson

In this blog last week I described some of the unique features of Serenbe, a New Urbanist community outside Atlanta, where I had the good fortune to be invited by the Bosch Experience Center as a speaker. I spent the better part of a day exploring the community.

This week I’ll describe some of the energy features at the 1,000-acre development.

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  1. Alex Wilson

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Serenbe: a Green Town in the Making

Developer Steve Nygren is putting New Urbanist principles into practice at the Serenbe Community outside Atlanta

Posted on Sep 12 2013 by Alex Wilson

I’m just back from Atlanta, where I spoke on Saturday at the new Bosch Experience Center located in the unique Serenbe Community thirty miles southwest of Atlanta.

I gotta say, I was impressed!

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  1. Alex Wilson

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Smart Vapor Retarders

Modern replacements for the troublesome old poly vapor barrier have low permeance in cool, dry weather, and high permeance in humid weather

Posted on Jul 31 2013 by Alex Wilson

Nowhere in building design has there been more confusion or more dramatic change in recommended practice than with vapor retarders. Thirty years ago, we were told to always install a polyethylene (poly) vapor barrier on the warm side of the wall. Then we were told to forget the poly and go with an airtight layer of drywall (airtight drywall approach). Insulation contractors, meanwhile, often said to skip the vapor barrier; we need to let the wall or ceiling cavity dry out.

It made for a lot of confusion. And I’m not sure we’re totally out of the woods yet.

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  1. Alex Wilson

Exterior Insulation Retrofit for Existing Bay Window

Shower Window Retrofit (High Sill)

Shower Window Retrofit (Low Sill)

Conceptual View of Sloped Window Head Flashing

Jamb Detail for New Skylight

Head and Sill Details for New Skylight

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