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LEED for Homes Registrations Increase Despite Housing Woes

Posted on Apr 2 2009 by Richard Defendorf

The USGBC says it is seeing program participation increasing, even as the balance of new-home starts declines

Given current interest in its LEED for Homes program, the U.S. Green Building Council says, the number of houses registered to the program could exceed 1% of new-home starts by the end of 2009.

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LEED for Homes

USGBC's Residential Green Building Program is Born

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Is It Really Cheaper to Live In A Green House?

Yes, and in more ways that one.

Energy conservation is one of the main goals of sustainable building, and following the basics of green design certainly lowers the cost of heating and cooling. All of it makes a difference, so site the house to take advantage of the sun, create a tight building envelopeExterior components of a house that provide protection from colder (and warmer) outdoor temperatures and precipitation; includes the house foundation, framed exterior walls, roof or ceiling, and insulation, and air sealing materials., invest in adequate insulation and choose energy efficient heating and cooling equipment.

Design open floor plans to maximize daylight

Floor plans that take advantage of natural light make houses cheerful and save energy.
Designing an open floor plan with a minimal number of full-height interior walls will allow natural light to penetrate deep into the house. Natural light has been shown to increase the health and productivity of the occupants, and less electricity will be used for supplemental lighting. Open floor plans limit privacy. As an alternative, provide windows, openings, or transoms in rooms along exterior walls so “borrowed” light can reach interior spaces.

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