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Building a ‘Layered House’

Paying attention to the various layers in your building envelope is important for ensuring airtightness and moisture management

Posted on Aug 22 2013 by Alex Wilson

If you are building an energy-efficient house, you have to address air leakage and pay attention to the the integrity of the insulation layer. We can have the best of intentions and can install lots of insulation, but if we leave it leaky or include details that compromise the integrity of that insulation, then the home’s energy performance can be severely affected.

Take recessed ceiling lights, for example. From a design standpoint, they’re great, since the light source is roughly flush with the ceiling and all of the mechanism is hidden in the ceiling above (in recessed cans).

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Plan for the technology of the future

Pre-wire for a home office or theater
It's hard to predict what cabling needs will be in five years. To make cabling upgrades as simple as possible, provide wiring conduit or surface-mounted wiring raceways accessible to homeowners. Install plenty of electrical receptacles and communications ports in rooms that may be used as home offices later. It's possible that wireless technology could make communications and data cabling obsolete, but these steps are low-cost insurance.

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