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Our Top-Efficiency Heat-Recovery Ventilator

Posted on April 27,2015 by AlexWilson in air-to-air heat exchanger

In last week's blog I reviewed some of the general strategies used for ventilating buildings — or not. This week, I’ll zero in on the types of balanced ventilation in which heat is recovered from the outgoing airstream to preheat the incoming fresh air.

What Were They Thinking?

Posted on April 27,2015 by CarlSeville in Batts

I’ve been doing HERS ratings and green building certifications for several years now, and I have run across some pretty scary things during inspections that sometimes make me wonder what everyone was thinking. Now, I was a contractor for a long time, and I understand the challenges of getting things done on time, correctly, and within the budget, and by no means am I trying to minimize those challenges. What does amaze me is how little attention some contractors and trade contractors pay to the details as their projects are underway.

Architect Peter Pfeiffer Shares Green Building Design Tips

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-756436 in Green Building News

"Techno Toys" May Have a Long Payback Period LAS VEGAS, NV — Architect Peter Pfeiffer of Austin, Texas, has been involved with green building design since 1983. During his 26-year architectural career, Pfeiffer has had plenty of time to hone his theories of green design. In an informative workshop at this week’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Pfeiffer shared tips with interested builders and architects. Here are some of his observations.

Green Basics Heat Pumps: The Basics
Green Basics Heat Distribution
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