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Plant a vegetable garden

Vegetables and other edible plants can take the place of turf.
Where topography and sun exposure make it possible, consider planting vegetables and other edibles instead of (or in addition to) typical landscape options. Locally grown food is usually fresher and produced with fewer insecticides and herbicides than store-bought produce. Growing your own food is satisfying, and it supports a greener lifestyle.

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Landscape: Native Plants and Soil

Landscape with native plants

Non-native species usually need more attention.
Exotic plants not adapted to local conditions often must be watered more often and get a helping hand from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. None of that is good for the environment, and it can prove costly to homeowners. Instead, keep as much native vegetation as possible and supplement it with other native species. However, having something other than a conventional lawn is illegal in some areas. Even when ordinances allow wild lawns, neighbors may object.

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