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Product Guide Composite Windows

State-of-the-Art Windows for A New Home

Posted on April 28,2015 by AlexWilson in Alpen

Having written about windows and emerging window technologies for longer than I care to admit (since before low-e coatings even existed), I must say that it’s incredibly fun to be building a house and having an opportunity to try out some of the leading-edge stuff I’ve been writing about.

Choose windows with low thermal conductivity

Posted on April 28,2015 by Peterbilt in Add a floor above

**Some window frame and sash materials conduct heat and cold more easily than others, which increases heating and cooling costs.**

For example: On a hot day, the inside surface of a highly-conductive metal window may approach the outdoor temperature, yet a foam-filled PVC window would be closer to conditioned indoor temperatures. Windows made with low-conductivity sash and frame parts will improve whole-house energy performance.

Choose window frame and sash made from recycled materials

Posted on April 28,2015 by Peterbilt in Add a floor above

**Using recycled materials in windows conserves resources.** Recycled materials used in the fabrication of window sash and frames include a wood-plastic composite made with industrial waste wood and post-consumer high-density polyethylene, as well as wood and vinyl scrap from manufacturing. Putting these materials to use reduces the amount of virgin materials that must be used. Remember, though, that recycled content is a bonus; the two most important environmental attributes are energy efficiency and durability.

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