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Fusing Green and Universal Design

These two design approaches are totally compatible

Posted on Aug 10 2017 by Rosemarie Rossetti

On June 13, 1998, my husband, Mark Leder, and I went for a bicycle ride on a rural wooded trail in Granville, Ohio. After riding for a few minutes, Mark thought he heard a gunshot and slowed down to investigate. As he scanned the scene he saw a large tree falling. He shouted, “Stop!” But the warning was too late. I was crushed by a 7,000-pound tree and paralyzed from the waist down.

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Image Credits:

  1. Photo #1 through #9: Mark Leder
  2. Photo #10: Scott Cunningham

Tile a Barrier-Free Bathroom

How to create a roll-in shower

Master tile setter Tom Meehan combines a time-tested mortar base with a modern waterproofing membrane and a linear drain to create an easy-access shower.

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Universal Design

Should your house be ready to accommodate neighbors, friends, and relatives with special needs?

Posted on Jun 13 2014 by Martin Holladay

Why are most interior doorways only 30 inches wide? Why are so many doorknobs hard to grip? And why do so many homes have a long stairway between the front door and the bedrooms?

Two typical answers to these questions would be, “because that’s the way we’ve always built houses” and “because these houses meet code.” (Those two reasons happen to be pretty weak, by the way.)

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Image Credits:

  1. Image #1: Athene Rafie
  2. Image #2: Noah Manning

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