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The World Is Facing a Sand Crisis

The impacts of extracting construction minerals such as sand and gravel to create roads and buildings have been overlooked

Posted on Sep 28 2017 by Anonymous

By Aurora Torres, Jianguo “Jack” Liu, Jodi Brandt, and Kristen Lear

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  1. James Baker / CC BY 2.0 /

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Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Aid for Homeowners With Failing Foundations

Repair loans, state guarantees on municipal borrowing, and permit fee waivers are among proposals to help hundreds of homeowners

Posted on Mar 7 2017 by Scott Gibson

Connecticut state lawmakers are considering several ways of helping homeowners whose homes are threatened by failing concrete foundations.

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  1. Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basements

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Sand for Construction Is Vanishing

A boom in urban development has brought a run on the kind of sand that can be used in concrete, glass, and asphalt — and mining it comes at a very high cost

Posted on Jun 27 2016 by Scott Gibson

If someone were to compile a list of things we're not likely to run out of, ever, wouldn't sand be at or near the top? That's a logical assumption, but it turns out that we're using sand for construction at such a blinding rate that it's in short supply in some areas, and mining what's left is taking its toll on the environment.

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Failing Concrete Foundations Linked to Aggregate

In Connecticut, hundreds of homeowners report crumbling foundations; authorities blame a mineral found in stone aggregate

Posted on May 18 2016 by Scott Gibson


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