Are Solar-Plus-Battery Systems Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Posted on April 19,2015 by ScottG in battery

Solar-plus-battery systems that combine photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries are helping a number of commercial electricity customers cut their power bills, but any widespread spillover to the residential side of the market looks to be some time away. Two solar installers, SolarCity, and SunPower, are offering the systems to residential customers, yet the numbers in the pilot programs are very modest.

Solar Energy Can Make the Grid More Resilient

Posted on April 19,2015 by AlexWilson in battery

In my blog last week, I reported on The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, a remarkable 1,200-acre business campus with 300 companies employing 10,000 people — with as many as 35,000 employees projected eventually. What had attracted me to the facility while I was in town for a conference, was an innovative demonstration that’s been launched showing how solar-electric (photovoltaic) systems with battery back-up and smart controls can help to create a more resilient power grid.

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