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An Insulated Cathedral Ceiling for a European Passivhaus

Posted on April 27,2015 by Bill Butcher in Britain

Editor's note: The author, Bill Butcher, is a Certified Passive House Consultant who was project leader on the Denby Dale Passivhaus and is currently leading the Golcar Passivhaus project, a 2,700-square foot three-bedroom house in Golcar, West Yorkshire, England. Some of the technical and construction-related terms used in Bill's essay have been translated from British English to American English.

Building a Foolproof Low-Slope Roof

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in cathedral ceiling

Carolyn Wood is building a house 80 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, and if nothing else she'd like to get all the details in the roof assembly right. The question is whether the house is too far along to let her reach that goal. The roof, with a 2-in-12 pitch, is framed with I-joists, strapped with 2x4s, and sheathed with 1/2-in. plywood. Above the roof sheathing, the roofers plan to install NovaSeal roofing underlayment and standing-seam metal roofing.

Singing the Ice Dam Blues

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in cathedral ceiling

Winter is the season of icicles and ice dams, at least on houses whose roofs are poorly insulated and air-sealed. Or, in the case of a nature center in Wisconsin, not insulated at all. Walt Ott is inquiring about the best way to fix a building with a completely uninsulated cathedral ceiling.

All About Attic Venting

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-756436 in attic moisture

Most homeowners and builders believe that attics should be vented. If you walk down to your local lumberyard and lean on the counter, the employees and nearby customers will offer a variety of opinions about why attics need to be vented. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that the statements you hear will be true.

Insulating the Roof of a Bonus Room

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in bonus room

Andrew K has a project that should ring a bell with lots of homeowners: What's the best way of insulating a room over the garage so it becomes useful, conditioned space? Andrew lives in Massachusetts, in Climate Zone 5A, and would like to turn the space, what real estate agents used to call a "bonus room," into an office. The roof is framed with 2x8 rafters and already has both soffit and ridge vents, but no insulation whatsoever.

Rescuing a Problem Cathedral Ceiling

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in air leak

You could call it the $6,500 problem, because that's what it's going to cost Kacey Zach to re-insulate a cathedral ceiling with closed-cell polyurethane foam and hang new drywall. Writing at Green Building Advisor's Q&A forum, Zach explains the situation: a cathedral ceiling framed with 2x12s and insulated with fiberglass batts to R-38 "with no regard to air sealing."

Using Open-Web Trusses as Rafters for Superinsulated Roofs

Posted on April 27,2015 by AlexWilson in cathedral ceiling

Last week I wrote about an innovative foundation insulation material, Foamglas, that we used in our new house in Dummerston. This week I’ll talk about the open-web rafters we’re using to achieve a superinsulated roof. First, a little background. There are several approaches to creating highly insulated roofs.

How to Build an Insulated Cathedral Ceiling

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-756436 in cathedral

UPDATED on September 12, 2014 Although the GBA website already contains many articles on the topic, we continue to receive frequent questions about the best way to insulate a cathedral ceiling. It’s therefore time to pull together as much information on the topic as possible and publish it in one place, to clarify the building science issues and code requirements governing insulated sloped roofs.

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