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New York Utility Finds Big Payoff in New Ideas

ConEd avoids $1.2 billion in costs by tapping into distributed solar, efficiency programs, and other innovative approaches

Posted on Apr 13 2016 by Scott Gibson

New York electric utility Con Edison is using a mix of efficiency programs, neighborhood solar, and other non-traditional approaches to relieve looming power shortages in parts of New York City and to avoid spending $1.2 billion on a new substation.

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How to Improve Energy-Efficiency Programs

If economists and practitioners worked together on coordinated studies, we’d better understand what works and what needs fixing

Posted on Feb 9 2016 by Steven Nadel

In the past year, a growing number of papers from economists have questioned the effectiveness of energy-efficiency programs and policies. We have reviewed many of these studies and blogged about several of them (see here, here, here, and here).

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Arizona Energy Program Threatened

State regulators consider a proposal that would eliminate efficiency requirements that lower demand for electricity and gas. Advocates cry foul.

Posted on Nov 10 2014 by Scott Gibson

Arizona would abandon an energy efficiency program designed to reduce the consumption of electricity and natural gas under a proposal given to utility regulators.

According to a report posted at AZ Central, the website for The Arizona Republic, the staff of the Arizona Corporation Commission has submitted the recommendation to the panel of five elected commissioners.

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Program Details of the One Knob Proposal

Can we envision a better incentive program for residential energy-efficiency improvements?

Posted on Nov 3 2014 by Nate Adams

Has your experience working with an energy-efficiency program felt like the scene depicted in the photo at right? Did you feel that the correct and smart path departed from the paved path?

Having many colleagues on both the program and contractor sides, it’s pretty clear that utility incentive programs, as they stand today, fail. Let’s do better. Better for homeowners, better for contractors, and better for programs too! The One Knob program design is an attempt to pave a path where people want to walk.

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Hard Truths of Home Performance

Residential energy retrofit work isn’t cost-effective

Posted on Oct 23 2014 by Nate Adams

If you've been reading my blogs, you know that I have learned some hard truths. You read the warts-and-all implosion story of my Century Club company in How an Efficiency Program Killed My Business.

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Designing a ‘One Knob’ Incentive Program

A proposal for a better way for utilities to subsidize energy-efficiency upgrades

Posted on Oct 2 2014 by Nate Adams

Author's note: This series is aimed at the home performance industry. My company values transparency, so we put it in the public sphere for homeowners to see and understand our thinking.

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Indiana Cancels Energy-Efficiency Effort

Governor Pence says he wants the legislature to consider an alternative to ‘Energizing Indiana’ next year; in neighboring Ohio, a similar move is underway

Posted on Apr 4 2014 by Scott Gibson

Energizing Indiana has saved more than 1 billion kilowatt hours of energy in the last two years, but that apparently wasn't enough for Indiana state lawmakers to keep the energy-efficiency program in business.

Lawmakers voted last week to end the program by the end of the year and Gov. Mike Pence, a Republican, allowed the bill to take effect without his signature.

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Utilities Offer Programs That Can Benefit Your Customers

Not only that — these utility-sponsored energy-efficiency programs can lower your energy bills, too

Posted on Oct 4 2011 by Michael Strong, LEED Associate, CGP

In Texas, as in many other states, local electric utilities offer homeowners a variety of free services to help lower energy bills.

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