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In Norway, Home Energy Labels Are Not a Lure for Buyers

Research finds that home buyers are largely indifferent to energy labels, echoing concerns among some green builders in the U.S.

Posted on Nov 1 2017 by Scott Gibson

Getting fair credit for energy-saving and green features from lenders and real estate appraisers has long been a sore point for builders specializing in high-performance houses, and new research from Europe suggests a lack of enthusiasm in the marketplace isn't limited to the U.S.

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Connecticut Starts an Energy Label Program

The Home Energy Score is designed to tell homeowners and home buyers how energy-efficient a house might be, and how to improve performance

Posted on Jun 9 2015 by Scott Gibson

Connecticut residents are being introduced to a new tool for gauging the energy efficiency of houses they own or may want to buy.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOEUnited States Department of Energy.) said that Connecticut becomes the first state in the country to adopt the Home Energy Score program statewide.

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Improving the Energy Efficiency of Rental Housing

Will requiring landlords to post energy use labels lead to lower energy bills for tenants?

Posted on Aug 27 2013 by Vera Novak

The odd man out in many of the energy efficiency schemes has been the rental landlord. Unlike homeowners, the landlord often has no financial incentive to make energy efficiency improvements to a building. If apartments are self-metered, the renter would be the full beneficiary. If there is central heat and the fuel cost is already allocated to each rental, the landlord could pocket the difference.

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