Are HRVs Cost-Effective?

Posted on April 18,2015 by user-756436 in energy-recovery ventilator

From 1977 (when the Saskatchewan Conservation house was built) until 2004 (when the first U.S. Passivhaus was built), North American builders completed hundreds of superinsulated homes. In those days, anyone interested in rating the performance of these homes was probably interested in just one metric: annual energy use.

Exhaust-Only Ventilation Systems

Posted on April 18,2015 by ShelterNerd in ASHRAE 62.2

After trying a variety of ventilation approaches, I've settled on exhaust-only ventilation systems with ventilation rates that are on the low side of most recommendations.

Designing a Good Ventilation System

Posted on April 18,2015 by user-756436 in balanced ventilation

UPDATED on March 13, 2015 Most green builders include some type of mechanical ventilation system in every home they build. That’s good. Since green buildings usually have very low levels of air leakage, mechanical ventilation is usually essential. Unfortunately, several research studies have shown that a high number of mechanical ventilation systems are poorly designed or installed.

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