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Vapor Profiles Help Predict Whether a Wall Can Dry

Posted on May 05,2015 by Peterbilt in drying potential

Today’s walls, roofs, and floors are better insulated, tighter, and made with a much greater variety of components than they used to be, making them a lot more susceptible to moisture problems when they get wet. Compared to the old days, today's walls and ceilings are more complicated and can be very slow to dry.

The Perfect Wall, Roof, and Slab — Building Science Podcast

Posted on May 05,2015 by JoeLstiburek in Building Science

_This podcast series is excerpted from a two-day class called_ Building Science Fundamentals _with Drs. Joe Lstiburek and John Straube of Building Science Corporation. For information on attending a live class, go to [BuildingScienceseminars.com](http://www.buildingscienceseminars.com/) This week Dr. Joe talks about enclosure design principles of energy efficient buildings_

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