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A Step Toward Fairer Green Home Valuations

A new appraisal form aims to standardize the valuation of energy-efficiency features included in green homes

Posted on Oct 21 2011 by Richard Defendorf

To say this is an era of heightened scrutiny of the appraisal industry is an understatement. Flat-lining home sales and prices have sellers – including homebuilders – sharply focused on the fairness of lender valuations, especially those in markets afflicted by foreclosures.

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Green Home Programs

Random delusions after two long days in green rater training

Posted on Feb 22 2010 by Carl Seville

Among other endeavors, I have been certifying LEED homes as a provider representative for about two years now. In order to continue doing this work after next year, USGBC and GBCI have decided that I must become certified as a green rater. After looking at my various options for obtaining this designation, I elected to take a two-day training class in advance of the required test. Not uncharacteristically, I bristled at the thought that I would have to spend my time and money learning something I was already doing.

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One Broker’s Take on the Selling Power of Green

Posted on Apr 20 2009 by Richard Defendorf

A real estate broker crunches Atlanta-area sales statistics to highlight their appeal for homebuyers

One way to measure the appeal of a home’s certified green construction is to put it on the market and see if, for all its proven green qualities, it sells at or near the asking price in timely fashion.

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