FTC Gets Tougher on Green Product Claims

Posted on May 06,2015 by ScottG in green advertising

The director of the Federal Trade Commission's consumer protection bureau promises that the agency will clamp down on companies that make misleading environmental claims about their products, according to an article in Ad Week.

LEED-Platinum Skyscraper is an ‘Energy Hog’

Posted on May 06,2015 by ScottG in Greenwashing

Opened in 2010, the Bank of America Tower in New York City was praised as a model of sustainability. But the LEED-Platinum building has proved to be anything but, according to an article by Sam Roudman in the New Republic.

FTC Warns Window Makers on Exaggerated Energy Claims

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in energy efficiency

Early this year, five window makers agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the firms had made deceptive claims about the energy efficiency and energy cost savings that their windows could deliver. But that was just one step in the agency’s quest to address deceptive marketing in this building-component category.

USGBC’s Wood-Certification Kerfuffle

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in ForestEthics

For many environmental groups, the only wood to use in construction is that certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a nonprofit whose accreditation system is intended to assure builders that the wood comes from well managed forests and is harvested in ecologically sound ways. Although its name was coined in 1990, the FSC was officially established 1992 with the formation of an interim board of directors, whose members had consulted with business, environmental, and social organizations about accreditation and certification strategies.

FTC: Trying to Get a Better Grip on Green Claims

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in Federal Trade Commission

What types of greenwashing are illegal? Of all the tasks the Federal Trade Commission might undertake to assure at least some level of accuracy in product marketing, taming misleading claims about product greenness has to be one of the toughest.

Green Bandwagon Rolls on at 2010 Remodeling Show

Posted on May 06,2015 by CarlSeville in Greenwashing

I attended the Remodeling Show in Baltimore recently, and although I did not spend as much time perusing the exhibits on the show floor as they deserved, while roaming the floor with my fellow green policeman Michael Anschel, I ran across some cool new products, some blatant examples of greenwashing, and a few things that looked interesting but that I have not yet come to conclusions on. There were some excellent educational sessions, good times with old and new friends, and even an Orioles game thrown in for good measure. Really green or just greenwashing?

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