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State-of-the-Art Windows for A New Home

Two layers of glass plus two plastic films — along with three low-e coatings and krypton gas fill — make these Alpen windows top performers

Posted on Jan 31 2013 by Alex Wilson

Having written about windows and emerging window technologies for longer than I care to admit (since before low-e coatings even existed), I must say that it’s incredibly fun to be building a house and having an opportunity to try out some of the leading-edge stuff I’ve been writing about.

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  1. Alex Wilson

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Serious Materials Exits the High-Performance Window Business

Serious Materials' venture into window manufacturing received lots of press attention, but press attention alone wasn't enough to save the business

Posted on Oct 31 2012 by Patrick McCombe

Serious Materials has abandoned its expensive venture into high-performance window manufacturing.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, Serious Materials (also known as Serious Energy) entered the building materials market in 2002 with a new sound-proofing drywall called QuietRock. Launched at a time when home construction was booming, the new drywall met with initial success. Serious soon went looking for other building products to sell, including high-performance windows. In 2007 the company acquired Alpen, a manufacturer of fiberglass windows based in Boulder, Colorado.

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