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Why I Hate, Hate, Hate Skylights

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-1048334 in condensation

Why do I hate skylights? Because I’ve rarely seen one that isn’t either causing a problem or in the process of causing one. They fall squarely into a category with recessed lights and cathedral ceilings: Homeowners love them and energy pros come to loathe them. They lead to uncomfortable conversations that can be summarized as: Yes, they’re a problem; no, they can’t be easily fixed.

The Street-Side Energy Audit

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-1048334 in air leak

When my wife and I bought our current house, one of the home’s appeals was that it was largely uninsulated. Given the choice between somewhat insulated and uninsulated, give me the blank slate every time. We moved in in September, and because of a super-busy energy audit season and the need to unpack, any desired home-improvement projects were temporarily back-burnered.

All About Attic Venting

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-756436 in attic moisture

Most homeowners and builders believe that attics should be vented. If you walk down to your local lumberyard and lean on the counter, the employees and nearby customers will offer a variety of opinions about why attics need to be vented. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that the statements you hear will be true.

Rescuing a Problem Cathedral Ceiling

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in air leak

You could call it the $6,500 problem, because that's what it's going to cost Kacey Zach to re-insulate a cathedral ceiling with closed-cell polyurethane foam and hang new drywall. Writing at Green Building Advisor's Q&A forum, Zach explains the situation: a cathedral ceiling framed with 2x12s and insulated with fiberglass batts to R-38 "with no regard to air sealing."

(At Least) Five Things Are Wrong With This Picture

Posted on April 27,2015 by GBA Team in ice dam

Last week we published this photo as part of our “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” series. The photo shows a problematic roof at a multifamily building in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The puzzler was created by Garrett Mosiman and Pat Huelman at the University of Minnesota. Mosiman and Huelman concluded that the Minneapolis building had the following five problems.

Prevent Ice Dams With Air Sealing and Insulation

Posted on April 27,2015 by user-756436 in air leaks

During snowy winters, many northern homes are plagued by ice dams. If your house suffers from wet ceilings during the winter, you may be ready to call up a contractor. Be careful, though: since most contractors don’t understand the causes of ice dams, they often suggest the wrong solution.

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