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Flir Updates Thermal Imager

Posted on April 19,2015 by ScottG in infrared camera

The Oregon company that began selling an inexpensive thermal imager for an iPhone last year has announced an upgraded and more versatile model that will be available later in the year. Flir introduced the new model of the Flir One at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Unlike the original, different versions of this one will work with both Apple and Android devices. It's scheduled to go on sale later this year at a price that has yet to be announced.

Patent Troll Wins First Case Over Use of Infrared Cameras

Posted on April 19,2015 by ab3 in energy auditor

A year or two ago, I remember getting trapped in my car one evening listening to Ira Glass's show This American Life. It was an episode titled When Patents Attack, and I was riveted. The show described how a seemingly small change in the U.S. patent office's protocol led to the growth of an industry that siphons money from tech companies through legal, but sketchy, license fees and lawsuits.

Essential Energy-Audit Equipment

Posted on April 19,2015 by user-1048334 in blower door

I thought I’d put together a list of all of the tools and equipment I use during an energy audit. Not all of these tools are used during every audit, and some aren’t essential to investigating the house. I’ve separated the lists into two categories: essential items and useful items.

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