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Does Wasting Home Heating Make You See (Infra)Red?

The City of Vancouver launches a program that helps homeowners find sources of wasted energy

Posted on Jun 5 2017 by Jacob Corvidae

Have you ever wanted X-ray vision, or to see the hidden features of your home? The City of Vancouver has launched a new effort to make energy use more visible to its residents, complete with rainbow-colored images of their homes that show details invisible to the naked eye. Using thermal imaging to show heat loss in roughly 15,000 homes in five neighborhoods, Vancouver aims to help residents uncover wasted energy.

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Blower Door Testing

Get ready: Airtightness requirements are part of the 2012 building and energy code

Posted on Apr 23 2015 by Larry Armanda

Air leaks in houses are a big problem. Leaks make homes uncomfortable and expensive to heat and cool. They create condensing cold spots that attract mold and rot. They lead to frozen pipes and make homes less resilient during prolonged power outages.

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Flir Updates Thermal Imager

A new model of the device, available later in 2015, will work with either Apple or Android smart phones

Posted on Jan 20 2015 by Scott Gibson

The Oregon company that began selling an inexpensive thermal imager for an iPhone last year has announced an upgraded and more versatile model that will be available later in the year.

Flir introduced the new model of the Flir One at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Unlike the original, different versions of this one will work with both Apple and Android devices. It's scheduled to go on sale later this year at a price that has yet to be announced.

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Patent Troll Wins First Case Over Use of Infrared Cameras

A Mississippi company with patents covering the thermal imaging of homes is targeting home inspectors and energy auditors

Posted on Sep 4 2013 by Allison A. Bailes III, PhD

A year or two ago, I remember getting trapped in my car one evening listening to Ira Glass's show This American Life. It was an episode titled When Patents Attack, and I was riveted. The show described how a seemingly small change in the U.S. patent office's protocol led to the growth of an industry that siphons money from tech companies through legal, but sketchy, license fees and lawsuits.

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Essential Energy-Audit Equipment

Erik North describes the tools that energy raters and auditors use to inspect a home

Posted on Jul 3 2012 by Erik North

I thought I’d put together a list of all of the tools and equipment I use during an energy audit. Not all of these tools are used during every audit, and some aren’t essential to investigating the house. I’ve separated the lists into two categories: essential items and useful items.

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