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Rainscreen Gaps and Igloos

Posted on May 06,2015 by user-756436 in Building Science

For the past 17 years, Joe Lstiburek and Betsy Pettit have hosted an annual conference, the Westford Symposium on Building Science, near their home in Massachusetts. Informally known as “summer camp,” the invitation-only gathering attracts hundreds of builders, engineers, architects, professors, and building science researchers. The attendees listen to presentations at a conference center during the day and relax in Joe and Betsy’s backyard during the evening.

Joseph Lstiburek Surprises Passive House Conference Attendees

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in air leakage

At the 2012 Passive House Conference in Denver, Dr. Joseph Lstiburek gave the keynote address for the opening plenary (or plenum, as Henry Gifford would say) session. His words, clever as always, added some nice historical perspective to what the Passive House folks are doing but also caught some people off guard. Read on, and I'll tell you more about that.

Air Leakage Degrades the Thermal Performance of Walls

Posted on May 06,2015 by user-756436 in Building Science

For the past five years, researchers at the Building Science Corporation (BSC) in Massachusetts have been testing the thermal performance of a variety of wall assemblies as part of an ambitious project to develop a new metric to replace R-value. (I last reported on the project in my August 2011 article, A Bold Attempt to Slay R-Value.)

Joe Lstiburek Discusses Basement Insulation and Vapor Retarders

Posted on May 06,2015 by user-756436 in basement insulation

Dr. Joseph Lstiburek needs little introduction. The well-known Canadian engineer is a principal of the Building Science Corporation in Massachusetts. He’s also a regular GBA podcaster and Fine Homebuilding author. On Wednesday, June 6th, I attended an all-day building science class presented by Dr. Joe in Westford, Massachusetts. As usual, his presentation combined salty language, corny jokes, light-hearted insults, and rock-solid building science information.

Joe Lstiburek’s Airtightness Goals

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in air leaks

In commentary recently posted to the Building Science Corporation website, building scientist Joe Lstiburek takes a stroll down memory lane and reflects on his attempts in the early 1980s to help develop an airtightness standard for residential construction in Canada.

A Bold Attempt to Slay R-Value

Posted on May 06,2015 by user-756436 in Building Science

R-value is the poor stepchild of building science metrics. Although it is often essential for builders, designers, and engineers to know a material’s R-value, this useful metric is regularly abused, derided, and ridiculed for its shortcomings. “R-value doesn’t measure assembly effects: thermal bridges, air movement, thermal mass, moisture content — all of which can all affect thermal properties,” explained Chris Schumacher, an engineer and researcher at Building Science Corporation, at a summer symposium in 2009. “R-value doesn’t do a good job describing the entire system.”

Stuff I Learned at Joe Lstiburek’s House, Part 1

Posted on May 06,2015 by ShelterNerd in Chandler

The invitation was too cool to be real: My name was somehow on a list of “experts” who were invited to take part in a Building America Water Heater Expert Session on combo systems. The invite noted that the session was to be the day before Joe Lstiburek’s Building Science Summer Camp, and “it is expected that the information obtained will lend itself toward the eventual production of a guide for the best practice application of combination space and domestic water heating systems for new and retrofit residential construction.”

Lstiburek’s Rules for Venting Roofs

Posted on May 06,2015 by JoeLstiburek in lstiburek

Building Science Fundamentals: Roof, Part 1: Ventilation

By Dr. Joseph Lstiburek Dr. Joseph Lstiburek talks about the not-so-controversial ways to maximize the efficiency and airflow of your roof and attic. Video Transcript: There’s been so much stuff said about roofs that you sometimes lose perspective. I’m going to start off by saying what might seem controversial but really shouldn’t be.

The Perfect Wall, Roof, and Slab — Building Science Podcast

Posted on May 06,2015 by JoeLstiburek in Building Science

_This podcast series is excerpted from a two-day class called_ Building Science Fundamentals _with Drs. Joe Lstiburek and John Straube of Building Science Corporation. For information on attending a live class, go to []( This week Dr. Joe talks about enclosure design principles of energy efficient buildings_

Build Tight, Ventilate Right: Lessons in Hot Air and Sticks and Stones

Posted on May 06,2015 by Rob Moody - Organic Think Inc in fresh air

Musings on Mazria, Lstiburek and Gifford: Part Three I just want to set the record straight on one point: I have not imbibed the USGBC Koolaid. I do like its mission, goals, and products, and the organization has the best start of any rating system out there. As I have stated many times before, I’m a biologist by training and I am way into evolutionary biology. That’s all that needs to happen here.

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