National Association of Home Builders, sponsors of "Model Green Home Building Guidelines."
National Association of Home Builders, sponsors of "Model Green Home Building Guidelines."
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The 2012 National Green Building Standard is Here...

And it’s not half bad

Posted on Mar 22 2013 by Carl Seville

In the past, I have been critical of the NAHB’s National Green Building Standard (NGBSNational Green Building Standard Based on the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines and passed through ANSI. This standard can be applied to both new homes, remodeling projects, and additions. ), just as I have been of most other green building programs. While I don’t expect to lose my critical eye, I do believe I have mellowed a bit and developed new opinions about the certification process and each program's role in the industry.

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The ICC 700 Green Standard’s Energy Requirements Ramp Up

The latest edition of the National Green Building Standard references the energy requirements of the 2009 IECC, whose next iteration is scheduled for 2015

Posted on Jan 31 2013 by Richard Defendorf

After navigating the educational offerings, the product rollouts, and the more celebratory rituals that accompany the International Builders’ Show, which for three days in January took over the Las Vegas Convention Center, it may have been hard to stay focused, or even awake, once it was all over.

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Report from the International Builders’ Show

Great educational sessions, interesting new products, free food, free beer, and lingerie-clad supermodels

Posted on Jan 29 2013 by Michael Chandler

I recently returned from the International Builders' Show, an annual extravaganza put on by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHBNational Association of Home Builders, which awards a Model Green Home Certification.). This year it was held in Las Vegas from from January 22 to 24, 2013.

Most of us attendees didn’t get much time to cruise the show floor, because the educational resources were so rich. NAHB improved the format by adding several different levels of course offerings. They eliminated the last half-day and selected much more carefully for just the best teachers for the premium-priced educational track.

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  1. All photos by Michael Chandler except Guitar image by Ed Nikles Jr.
  2. Ed Nikles Jr.

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A Green Builder’s 21st Century Alphabet

HERS, RESNET, BPI, LEED AP, and other acronyms that contractors need to know about

Posted on Mar 28 2012 by Carl Seville

One of my favorite things to hear from a design or building professional is that they are “LEED Certified.” This is only slightly less amusing than when they refer to LEEDS certification. In the case of the former, only buildings can be certified (although some people are certifiable); people are accredited, as in LEED AP, or accredited professional.

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  1. Carl Seville

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Uptick Expected in Lead-Paint Rule Enforcement

The EPA is increasing inspections of RRP job sites and stepping up enforcement efforts

Posted on Dec 28 2011 by Richard Defendorf

Enforcement of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule has so far yielded three noncompliance claims against contractors, with the first dated May 6.

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  1. Environmental Protection Agency, via NAHB

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Greenbuild Expo 2010 Recap

Bigger than ever, too many sessions, and some choice quotes

Posted on Nov 24 2010 by Carl Seville

Another Greenbuild Expo is in the books, and based on the Twitter traffic (hashtag #greenbuild), people can’t stop talking about it, so I suppose it’s my turn to chime in. According to the USGBC, attendance was up slightly from last year. The show floor was huge, as always, although the arrangement did not feel crowded or even that big to traverse.

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Water, Water Everywhere at Green Building Conference

NAHB's annual green conference covers water and more

Posted on May 27 2010 by Carl Seville

After a daylong home tour, the NAHBNational Association of Home Builders, which awards a Model Green Home Certification. National Green Building Conference got rolling in earnest on Monday, May 17, in Raleigh, N.C. While slightly smaller than a few years ago, the conference had a respectable turnout and some good educational sessions for attendees. Kept to a concise day and a half with five sessions running concurrently, it was easy to miss some good talks—unless, of course, not only could you split your personality, but also your body.

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Magical Mystery Green Home Tour

Long day on a bus at National Green Building Conference

Posted on May 23 2010 by Carl Seville

NAHB’s National Green Building Conference in Raleigh, N.C., kicked off with a full-day tour of green homes ranging from very affordable small houses to luxury spec and custom projects. Having avoided home tours for many years, I finally took the plunge and signed up for this one. Lots of interesting things to see, particularly in the more modest projects, but boy, was it an ordeal.

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More Whining About Green Building Programs

Posted on Mar 15 2010 by Carl Seville

Following up on my recent post about LEED and other green programs, it occurs to me that the people responsible for creating and managing most green home certification programs have completely missed the big picture. I hope and believe that one day, through a combination of more stringent codes, legislation, and marketplace demands, we will reach a point where green building becomes the minimum acceptable standard.

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Model Home for IBS Is Big, Near-Zero, and a Credit-Crunch Victim

The New American Home 2010 becomes a poster child in NAHB’s campaign to “end the stranglehold on acquisition, development and construction loans”

Posted on Aug 13 2009 by Richard Defendorf

Recessions tend to generate tales not only of misfortune, but of opportunity arising from misfortune. A case in point is the credit squeeze facing Las Vegas builder Domanico Custom Homes, whose project list happens to include the New American Home 2010 – a 6,000-sq.-ft. model home in Las Vegas that is scheduled to serve as a green-building showcase during the International Builders’ Show in January.

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