OSB sheathing

Why Is This Sheathing Moldy?

Posted on May 05,2015 by ScottG in central-fan-integrated supply ventilation

Brian Lent has discovered something in his walls that no homeowner wants to see: mold. Preparing a ground-floor room for drywall, Lent pulls some fiberglass batt insulation from a 2x6 stud cavity and notices the back side of the OSB sheathing is damp. A moisture meter reveals that in 80% of the bay, the moisture content is 66% or higher. Moisture and mold are heaviest at the bottom of each bay.

How Risky Is Cold OSB Wall Sheathing?

Posted on May 05,2015 by user-756436 in cold OSB

During the winter months, wall sheathing is usually cold. Cold sheathing is risky, since it tends to accumulate moisture during the winter. Unless the sheathing can dry out during the summer months, damp sheathing can rot.

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