AWARE: A Sustainable Housing Initiative in Ohio

Posted on April 26,2015 by GBA Team in Enterprise Green communities

By Kim Stands In 2009, the City of Columbus and Franklin County created and adopted the AWARE Manual (Accessibility, Water Conservation, Air Quality, Resource Conscious, Energy-Efficient) to be the performance standard for federally funded residential projects in both jurisdictions.

Rigid Insulation Rehabs

Posted on April 26,2015 by Peterbilt in Enterprise Community Partners

We tend to put insulation into empty roof and wall cavities because, well, they’re empty. If a rehab gives access to the bare exterior or interior of framing assemblies, how do we decide what type of and how much rigid insulation to add, and what are the pros and cons of putting the rigid insulation on the exterior or the interior of the assemblies? Design all assemblies to dry

Backerboards – Winners against Water

Posted on April 26,2015 by Peterbilt in affordable housing

I sat down one day and figured this out: two people each taking an 8-minute shower every day is equivalent to the tub surround seeing 100 inches of driving rain a year. That means we should be building our wet walls for tub and bath surrounds with the best moisture management we can muster. And just about everyone agrees that means using a non-paper-faced tile backer board. The question remains: which non-paper faced tile backer board? Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Checklist

Blower Door Testing Row Homes

Posted on April 26,2015 by Peterbilt in affordable housing

This question comes up quite a bit, particularly in affordable housing. Using a blower door to depressurize a rowhome means that air is being pulled not just from the outside, but also from adjacent units through the common or party walls of the home. And while the air that leaks into one home from another may be conditioned (heated or cooled) and not a real issue from an energy-efficiency perspective, there may very well be indoor air quality concerns related to combustion safety, radon, smoking, etc. Five approaches

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