Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturer Tackles Installation Quality

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in fiberglass batt

One of the major fiberglass insulation manufacturers (the color in the lead photo gives away which one I'm talking about) is getting serious about the installation quality of fiberglass batt insulation. They've put out a video (embedded below) and a document showing how to achieve RESNET Grade 1 installation quality with fiberglass batts. Have you seen these things yet?

Is NIST Serious About Net-Zero-Energy Homes?

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in HERS index

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) still handles a lot of our basic numbers work, keeping lasers, hunks of metal, and atomic clocks that determine our standards of length, mass, and time. But it turns out they also have an interest in net-zero-energy (NZE) homes. They’ve built and outfitted an amazing NZE research facility, and they also have convened meetings of experts to develop guidelines for NZE homes. But there’s something about their latest report I just don’t understand.

ACCA vs. BPI: The Brouhaha Over Energy Audit Standards

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in ACCA

Probably the biggest news I heard at the 2013 RESNET conference this year was that the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and 12 other organizations had asked the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to have the Building Performance Institute's (BPI) accreditation as a Standards Development Organization (SDO) revoked. Really!

The Tail-Wagging Labradors of RESNET

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in ACCA

Labradors? James Brown? What do either of those have to do with the RESNET conference?! Be patient, my friend. All will be revealed shortly. The 2013 conference sponsored by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) in Orlando a few weeks ago was fantastic. It and Building Science Summer Camp are my two favorite events of the year, and this year RESNET was better than ever.

Grading the Installation Quality of Insulation

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in batt

Six years ago, RESNET published a major revision of the HERS Standards, officially named the 2006 Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Systems Standards. One important new feature in the standards was the grading of insulation installation quality. Before this change, R-13 insulation installed poorly (as shown in the second photo, below) was equivalent to any other R-13 insulation, including insulation with impeccable installation quality (as shown at the top of this article).

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About the HERS Index

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in energy modeling

A lot of home builders and homeowners are getting certified home energy ratings to find out how efficient their homes are. There's also a lot of buzz about HERS ratings, with builders looking at them as a tool for marketing their homes.

A Green Builder’s 21st Century Alphabet

Posted on May 06,2015 by CarlSeville in BPI

One of my favorite things to hear from a design or building professional is that they are “LEED Certified.” This is only slightly less amusing than when they refer to LEEDS certification. In the case of the former, only buildings can be certified (although some people are certifiable); people are accredited, as in LEED AP, or accredited professional.

Blower Door Testers Wanted — Scientists and Engineers Preferred

Posted on May 06,2015 by ab3 in blower door

OK, the title here may be a little extreme, but if you've taken a look at the new chapter on performance testing and scope of work in the HERS Standards, you know what I'm talking about. RESNET just adopted this as the new chapter 8 in August of this year, and it goes into effect on 3 January 2012.

A Mileage Sticker for Every Passivhaus

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in Earth Advantage Institute

Rating the performance of a Passivhaus-certified home using the Home Energy Rating (HERS) Index or another rating system might seem like topping a sundae with a cherry: it’s okay to add the ornament, but it really doesn't make the sundae any better. The reality, though, is that Passive House Institute U.S. is looking for ways to help market the Passivhaus standard, and having certified homes audited and rated by other organizations appears to be part of the strategy. It's more than topping the sundae with a cherry, it's adding sprinkles, nuts, and shredded coconut too.

Florida Builder Commits to HERS Labels for All Homes

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in Builders Challenge

To those who tune in to “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” LifeStyle Homes might be recognized as one of the chief partners in the construction of the Hurston family home, a net-zero-energy house built in Florida’s Brevard County and unveiled on the show in February. At the time, the project was billed by ABC, the network that co-produces the program, as the first NZE “Makeover” home.

How Is a Home’s HERS Index Calculated?

Posted on May 06,2015 by user-756436 in energy rater

Anyone involved with the Energy Star Homes program has probably heard of the HERS Index, a method of scoring the energy efficiency of a new or existing home. A Web page maintained by the state of Arkansas, for example, explains that the “EPA requires a house qualifying for Energy Star to be built with best practices, tight ducts, and at least 15% more energy efficient than code as shown by a HERS Index score of 85 or less as determined by a HERS Rater.”

Meritage Homes Will Label New Homes With HERS Ratings

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in HERS index

In June of last year, Meritage Homes began selling homes in a community called Lyon’s Gate, in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. The marketing pitch for the eight models available in the development was that they were the first generation of Meritage houses to achieve Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores in the 20s and low 30s – far superior energy performance ratings than, say, the 85 HERS points required for an Energy Star rating.

Blog Review: Energy Vanguard Blog

Posted on May 06,2015 by GBA Team in blog

by Martin Holladay GBA is launching a new feature: periodic reviews of interesting blogs. To get the ball rolling, I’m recommending the Energy Vanguard blog. The author of the Energy Vanguard blog, Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a RESNET-accredited energy consultant and trainer. He performs heat loss calculations, provides HERS rating services, and provides rater training and Energy Star training, among other services.

The Home Stretch for HOME STAR?

Posted on May 06,2015 by Peterbilt in BPI

I participated in a really interesting webinar the other day about the new proposed HOME STAR program. Some call it the “Cash for Caulkers” program, which, according to Efficiency First, “…would provide direct incentives to American homeowners who invest in improving the energy efficiency of their homes.”

RESNET Launches Standards Program for Energy-Audit Training

Posted on May 06,2015 by Fretboard in certification

As many green certification programs as there are in the residential building and remodeling realm, it’s likely we’re going to see more as specialists emerge to serve various sectors of the industry. On Tuesday, for example, the nonprofit Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) announced that Home Energy Team Institute, which trains and certifies home-energy auditors, has become the first such training group approved by RESNET to offer its “Home Energy Survey Professional” certification to trainees.

Designation Exhaustion

Posted on May 06,2015 by CarlSeville in CGP

Many industries have designations and certifications available for practitioners, some of which have strong legal implications, such as MD and RN. Many others have been created by professions themselves, and, while requiring varying levels of rigor to attain, these are primarily marketing tools, proper usage of which is enforced by the industry or association.

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