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A Review of Siga Wigluv Air-Sealing Tape

To seal air leakage at OSB seams, first use a primer, and install the Wigluv tape with a J-roller

Posted on Feb 11 2014 by Matt Risinger

Every house needs four control layers. In order of importance, these layers need to provide:

  1. 1. Water control
  2. 2. Air control
  3. 3. Vapor control
  4. 4. Thermal control

The building codes have dictated the levels of thermal control and vapor control that builders must adhere to, and nearly every builder in the U.S. knows off the top of their head the R-valueMeasure of resistance to heat flow; the higher the R-value, the lower the heat loss. The inverse of U-factor. of the insulation in their walls and attics.

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  1. All photos: Matt Risinger

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Return to the Backyard Tape Test

After being exposed to sunlight and wind-driven rain for 10 months, are any tape samples still tenacious?

Posted on Aug 30 2013 by Martin Holladay

UPDATED on September 7, 2017 with a new postscript.

In the fall of 2012, I tested the performance of 11 air-sealing tapes by attaching samples to six different substrates mounted on the exterior wall of my woodshed. A month later, I tried to remove the tape samples to determine which tapes were most tenacious. I reported my findings in the April/May 2013 issue of Fine Homebuilding. (The details of the test set-up can be found in that article, “Backyard Tape Test.”)

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  1. Martin Holladay

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New Green Building Products — September 2011

High-performance windows, doors, and tapes for your next superinsulated home

Posted on Sep 9 2011 by Martin Holladay

About every six months, I report on new products that catch my eye. This round-up features products from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: high-performance windows from Maine, Ontario, and Lithuania; high-performance doors from Poland; and high-performance tapes from Switzerland.

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  1. Lindwood Windows
  2. Intus Windows
  3. Martin Holladay
  4. Inline Fiberglass
  5. Jesse Thompson
  6. Drewexim
  7. Siga

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