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Rebuilding in Tornado Country

Devastating storms in Oklahoma spark a discussion about the most appropriate type of construction for the region

Posted on Jun 17 2013 by Scott Gibson

Tornadoes have struck the Midwest with a vengeance this year, killing dozens of people and causing widespread destruction of property. In the city of Moore, Oklahoma, a tornado with winds topping 200 miles per hour struck on May 20, reducing whole neighborhoods to rubble.

Many homeowners will rebuild, so what should their new houses look like? In a post at GreenBuildingAdvisor's Q&A forum, David Gregory raises that question.

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Gas Lines Point to a Need for Resilience

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the vulnerability of our dependence on gasoline for transportation and emergency generators

Posted on Nov 8 2012 by Alex Wilson

By now we’ve all seen the photos of houses buried in sand along the Jersey Shore, burned-out homes in Queens, and submerged subway stations in Manhattan. Those spectacular images were in the first wave of news from Superstorm Sandy last week.

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Resilient Design: Dramatically Better Building Envelopes

A resilient home is a highly energy-efficient home that will maintain livable conditions even during power outages or interruptions in heating fuel

Posted on Jan 5 2012 by Alex Wilson

When most people think about resilience — resilience to storms, for example — they think only about resilience during the event. Equally important, if not more important, I believe, is resilience in the aftermath of that event. Hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards, wildfires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters not only have an immediate impact, for which we may or may not be able to prepare, but they often have a much longer-term impact, usually through extended power outages.

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Resilience: Designing Homes for More Intense Storms

A big part of resilient design is creating homes that will survive intense storms unscathed

Posted on Dec 21 2011 by Alex Wilson

Anyone who was in Vermont in late August of this year and witnessed the raging floodwaters from tropical storm Irene gained an intimate view of the vulnerabilities we face from intense storms and flooding. Hundreds of miles of roadway were heavily damaged, dozens of bridges washed away, and some communities were cut off for weeks.

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