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Promoting Green Infrastructure

Features like vegetated buffer strips, forested habitat corridors, and regenerated wetlands are alluring alternatives to ‘gray infrastructure’; here's how to pay for them

Posted on Sep 5 2017 by Anonymous


Natural assets — “green infrastructure” — can provide communities with invaluable ecosystem services that clean our air, filter our water, mitigate natural disasters, and improve our quality of life.

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Seattle’s Pioneering RainWise Program

Homeowners get help in developing rain gardens and cisterns, limiting the amount of polluted runoff

Posted on Mar 8 2016 by Alisa Valderrama

The RainWise program, run jointly by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD), empowers homeowners and other private property owners to help stop the region's largest source of water pollution: polluted runoff and specifically the sewer overflows that occur when heavy rains flood the city's combined sewer system.

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Inground Gutters

Inground Gutters Keep Water Away from the Basement

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