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Why Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Won’t Lead to Action on Climate Change

Clusters of disasters hold our attention in ways that singular events cannot

Posted on Oct 5 2017 by Anonymous


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  1. Pan American Health Organization

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Flood, Rebuild, Repeat: The Need for Flood Insurance Reform

The National Resources Defense Council takes a look at federal records on payments for ‘repetitive loss properties’ and suggests an alternative

Posted on Sep 20 2016 by Anonymous


Can you imagine living in a property that has flooded 10 times? How about 20 times? It’s hard to fathom enduring that kind of situation, yet owners of 2,109 properties across the United States experience just that. Not only has each of these properties flooded more than 10 times, but the National Flood Insurance Program has paid to rebuild them after each flood. One home in Batchelor, Louisiana, flooded 40 times and received a total of $428,379 in flood insurance payments.

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Build Disaster-Proof Homes Before Storms Strike

Many technologies can make our buildings more hazard-resistant, but we don't use them often enough

Posted on Aug 23 2016 by Anonymous


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Gas Lines Point to a Need for Resilience

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the vulnerability of our dependence on gasoline for transportation and emergency generators

Posted on Nov 8 2012 by Alex Wilson

By now we’ve all seen the photos of houses buried in sand along the Jersey Shore, burned-out homes in Queens, and submerged subway stations in Manhattan. Those spectacular images were in the first wave of news from Superstorm Sandy last week.

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  2. Sean Malone
  3. Lucas Jackson, Reuters

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