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Comparing Carpentry Tools to Surgical Tools

What do surgeons and builders have in common? Power saws, power drills, chisels, scrapers, hammers, and clamps

Posted on Feb 17 2017 by Martin Holladay

Two hundred years ago, a ship's carpenter had many duties. In addition to repairing the ship, a carpenter would be called on to perform emergency amputations. Why? He was the one who had the saws.

Modern surgeons still require saws, as well as drills, chisels, scrapers, and grinders. As a lighthearted exercise that has almost nothing to do with green building, I recently got the idea to compare surgical tools with carpentry tools.

Full disclosure: This blog is for fun. It is completely empty of any building science.

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  1. National Library of Medicine

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Essential Energy-Audit Equipment

Erik North describes the tools that energy raters and auditors use to inspect a home

Posted on Jul 3 2012 by Erik North

I thought I’d put together a list of all of the tools and equipment I use during an energy audit. Not all of these tools are used during every audit, and some aren’t essential to investigating the house. I’ve separated the lists into two categories: essential items and useful items.

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  1. Energy Conservatory

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