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IRS Requires Small Wind Turbines To Be Certified

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in backyard wind

If you want to qualify for the 30 percent federal Investment Tax Credit on that new wind turbine in your backyard, make sure it meets new certification rules from the Internal Revenue Service.

Wind Farm Leaves Property Values Unscathed

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in property values

After studying thousands of real estate transactions over nearly a decade, researchers in Ontario, Canada, have concluded wind farms have very little impact on property values. In a report posted earlier this month, The Canadian Press said the authors themselves found the results somewhat surprising, "given the public outcry regarding the construction of these turbines."

A Proposed Wind Farm in Maine Would Be the Biggest in the Region

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in EDP Renewables

A Texas-based renewable energy company is proposing what would be largest wind farm in New England, a 250-megawatt facility with as many as 125 turbines built in parts of five townships in Aroostook County.

Study Finds No Direct Link Between Wind Turbines and Health Problems

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in health effect

A study of more than 1,200 adults in two Canadian provinces has found no definitive connection between the noise from utility-scale wind turbines and a number of chronic health problems, according to published reports.

Connecticut to Get Its First Utility-Scale Wind Project

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in utility-scale wind

Connecticut could have its first utility-scale wind project by the middle of next year after the state Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of a citizens' group to end a four-year regulatory and legal battle. The court's decision in mid-September lowered one of the last barriers preventing BNE Energy Inc. from developing two sites in the northwest part of the state. BNE plans to install a total of six 1.6-megawatt turbines, three at each of two sites in the town of Colebrook.

Wisconsin Health Board Says Turbines Pose a Threat

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in utility-scale wind

Utility-scale wind turbines have been blamed for a variety of health problems by people living nearby, but what's become known as "wind turbine syndrome" is not recognized as a medical condition by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization.

Turbine Towers May be Getting Taller

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in tubine tower

The U.S. Department of Energy will spend $2 million to advance the construction of wind turbine towers as much as 150 feet taller than the current average, increasing the amount of electricity they can produce.

Spanish Island Kicks the Oil Habit

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, residents of El Hierro are only a few months away from weaning themselves completely from fossil fuels for the generation of electricity. They will rely instead on a $110 million renewable energy system that uses both wind turbines and hydroelectric generation.

Maine Poised to Approve State’s Largest Wind Farm

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in Maine

Regulators from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection have signed off on a proposal to build a 62-turbine wind project, the state's largest. The Bangor Daily News reports that a draft order approving the proposal from a subsidiary of First Wind of Boston, Massachusetts, is subject to public comment and further review. But even critics think the project is likely to win final approval.

New Ohio Law Stymies Wind Energy Projects

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in find farm

Just a few weeks after rolling back renewable energy standards, Ohio lawmakers have approved a bill increasing required setbacks for wind turbines.

An Energy-Self-Sufficient Community

Posted on April 27,2015 by Andrew Dey in biogas

From a distance, Feldheim looks like many other rural villages in Germany: a cluster of buildings surrounded by farmland and forests. The backdrop includes numerous wind turbines, but that’s not unusual in Germany’s breezy north. What is unusual is that there are two signs welcoming visitors to Feldheim: the typical yellow sign that is found at the edge of every village, and another in blue and white announcing that Feldheim is an “Energieautarker Ortsteil,” or an energy self-sufficient district.

Wind Turbines Reach Energy Payback Quickly

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in environmental lifecycle assessment

Researchers studying the environmental life cycle of 2-megawatt wind turbines found they recoup the energy required to manufacture and install them, and begin making a net energy contribution, in a matter of months. Writing in The International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing, two authors from Oregon State University said there are virtually no carbon emissions associated with the energy that turbines produce. But there are environmental costs associated with manufacturing and installing the devices, as well as dealing with them at the end of their expected 20-year life span.

Wind Energy Is Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in utility-scale wind

Energy produced by wind turbines in the U.S. totaled 167 million megawatt (MW) hours in 2013 and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 127 million tons, the equivalent of taking 20 million cars off the road, according to a report from the American Wind Energy Association. The report paints a rosy picture of wind’s growing impact: a 43% decline in the purchase price of wind power in the last five years and an average growth rate of nearly 20% per year between 2009 and 2013.

Dutch Firm Announces a New Kind of Wind Turbine

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in Archimedes

A Dutch company says it has developed a new type of residential wind turbine that is far quieter and more efficient than conventional designs. The Liam F1 is a horizontal-axis turbine that uses a revolving collector in the shape of a nautilus seashell, rather than blades, to spin a generator. The company behind the project is The Archimedes, which takes its name from the Greek mathematician credited with inventing a nautilus-like device for pumping water now called the Archimedes Screw.

How to Detect an Internet Solar Energy Scam

Posted on April 27,2015 by ab3 in photovoltaic

All I was trying to do was find some sports scores on Yahoo the other day when I saw it. I don't go looking for this stuff, and when I do see it, I try to ignore it. But this one clotheslined me with an unfair term. That's the ad in question to the right. Have you seen it? I probably shouldn't tell you the name of the website (, but the kryptonite term that made my fingers go apoplectic was “free energy.” Seeing it capitalized intensified the effect. And the photo! Is that a diseased wireless router robot surrendering its secrets to me?

Find Any Wind Turbine in the U.S.

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in U.S. Geological Society

The U.S. Geological Survey has just made it a lot easier to get the details on the country's flourishing wind-power industry. An interactive online map called the WindFarm Mapping Application posted by the USGS shows every wind farm in the country and offers details on each of the 47,000 turbines. By zooming in and pinpointing a specific turbine, visitors can find out how the high tower is, what the rated capacity of the turbine is and when the turbine went online.

Wind Energy Hits a High Note

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in American Wind Energy Association

A record amount of new wind energy capacity was under construction at the end of 2013, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). The two main reasons for the wind boom are technological advancements that have lowered costs and a federal tax credit.

Wind Turbines and Property Values

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in property value

University of Rhode Island researchers analyzed sale prices of more than 48,000 homes over a 13-year period and concluded wind turbines have no significant effect on the value of houses located as close as a half-mile away.

U.S. Will Permit Some Eagle Deaths

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in bald eagle

Some wind farms will get legal protection for killing and injuring eagles for as long as 30 years under new rules announced by the government on December 6, according to the Associated Press. In an article published Dec. 6, the AP said the new policy was adopted by the Obama administration under pressure from the wind-power industry.

Judge Cuts Hours for Massachusetts Wind Turbines

Posted on April 27,2015 by ScottG in utility-scale wind

A Massachusetts judge has ordered fewer operating hours for two municipally owned wind turbines that have been blamed by neighbors for a variety of health problems.

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