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Lawmakers Try to Prop Up the Sagging Biomass Industry

Science is not on their side, but lawmakers want the EPA to treat biomass as if it were as environmentally benign as wind or solar

Posted on Sep 6 2016 by Scott Gibson

A handful of lawmakers in Congress have been pressing the Environmental Protection Agency to treat biomassOrganic waste that can be converted to usable forms of energy such as heat or electricity, or crops grown specifically for that purpose. power plants as if they were no more damaging to the environment than wind or solar even though burning wood to make electricity can produce more carbon dioxide than burning coal.

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Will Europe Stop Trashing U.S. Forests in the Name of Bioenergy?

In light of the fact that burning trees from U.S. forests is not carbon-neutral, the European Union’s renewables policy needs to change

Posted on Jul 7 2016 by Kenneth Richter

Since 2010, the Natural Resources Defense Council's Our Forests Aren’t Fuel campaign to save southeastern forests from logging for bioenergy has sounded the alarm about this issue and targeted the European Union for reform.

In 2009, the EU passed binding legislation to ensure the EU meets its climate and energy targets, including a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a requirement that 20% of EU energy be generated from renewable sources, and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, all by 2020.

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Heating With Wood Pellets

What to like and what not to like about pellet stoves and pellet boilers

Posted on Oct 25 2012 by Alex Wilson

My wife and I have a sort-of love-hate relationship with our pellet stove. She leans more toward the latter, while I see the benefits outweighing the negatives.

In this column I’ll outline the primary advantages and disadvantages of pellet heating.

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