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PassivHaus is a standard of construction that yields extremely tight envelopes and low energy use.

The PassivHaus Institute is in Germany, but we have a branch here in North America as well, Passive House Institute US

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3 Answers

To those who attended the 2009 Passive House conference.....

The Passive House Institute-US had made available for viewing and downloading the presentations made at the conference. I'm glad they did this-there was a lot of great information and seeing it again does make one re-energized!


Asked By Derek Vander Hoop | Feb 4 10
1 Answer

Link to Dr. Wolfgang Feist dialogue

For those looking for the link to the recent dialogue with Dr. Wolgang Feist, the founder of the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, it's here:

Asked By Martin Holladay | Dec 30 09
8 Answers

Dr. Wolfgang Feist posts a comment on GBA's Passivhaus reporting

Dr. Wolfgang Feist has decided to post a comment on one of my blogs. Since it's easy to miss such postings, I'm alerting interested readers to his post and my response. They can be found here:

Asked By Martin Holladay | Dec 24 09
0 Answers

Passive House Conference

Midwestern readers who have been following ongoing discussions about the Passivhaus standard may be interested in attending the Fourth Annual North American Passive House Conference, which begins tomorrow (October 16, 2009) in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Among the speakers will be Marc Rosenbaum, who will present a workshop on mechanical system design for passive houses; and David White, who will present a workshop on the PHPP software.

Asked By Martin Holladay | Oct 15 09
24 Answers

Very Recent Passivhaus Article

Freshly published Insight from BSdotCom
I am a big fan of BSC and Passivhaus.......
This is very confusing for me.....
I would love to see the two work together......share knowledge..challenge each other
This is not a contest.
I think the solution is somewhere in the middle... in between BSC and Passivhaus

Asked By John Brooks | Sep 13 09
9 Answers

RE: Passive Solar at Oregon Coast

I am working on a new house design at the Oregon Coast on a southeast to southwest facing hillside overlooking the ocean (yes, great site). The client wants to use photovoltaics, but I am trying to convince them that with no air conditioning needs (the temperature range is 35-75 throughout the year) and a house for a retired couple, that we can limit their loads and use the sun to keep the home temperate throughout the year. I would like to open up the south-side to warm the house (augmented with hydronic in floor heating) and provide for great views.

Asked By Robert Saladoff | Jul 22 09
1 Answer

Grass house?

I would like to now how to make a grass house and if it is environmetally

Asked By chelsea | Sep 13 09
10 Answers

PassivHaus Discussion

This (GBA) Site is great.. but at this is difficult to have a "discussion".(maybe soon???)
Meanwhile, if anyone would like to Observe or Discuss Passivhaus...please visit the JLC forum.
Thorsten Chlupp (from Alaska) is sharing some good stuff.
I hope others with Passivhaus knowledge or questions will join in soon.
We (USA) have so much to learn.

Asked By John Brooks | May 18 09
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