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PassivHaus is a standard of construction that yields extremely tight envelopes and low energy use.

The PassivHaus Institute is in Germany, but we have a branch here in North America as well, Passive House Institute US

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3 Answers

Blower door testing by floor or room?


Asked By Ryan Griffin | Nov 21 14
1 Answer

Can a skylight ever be energy positive?


I'm curious as to whether skylights are always net losers, or if one could be favorable given the right conditions. In general they seem to be avoided due to the heat gain potential and nighttime loses.

Asked By Ryan Griffin | Nov 18 14
3 Answers

Air sealing windows

I am building a Passive House with double stud walls and all OSB seams sealed with Prosoco Joint and Seam filler. I have plywood window bucks and triple pane windows with nailing flanges installed on the exterior of the rough opening. I need to air seal the inside of the window frame to the plywood window bucks. I would like to fill the space between the window frame and the plywood with foam and then air seal.

Asked By Gerald Blycker | Nov 6 14
0 Answers

how do I maximize the use of my ERV in my Passivhaus(Vancouver canada)

we are in a new home that meets the International Passivhaus Standard
we have 2Ultimateair Ervs, one for upper floor where my daughter lives (1700sqft)
one for main floor(1800sqft), we live in a moderate moist climate Vancouver BC.
what is the best way to maximize the benefits, save energy and have a comfortable home?
eg should it run constantly in winter? what happens when bathroom window is left open?

Asked By Teresa Hotell | Nov 3 14
7 Answers

Closed-cell spray foam versus dense-packed cellulose - Noise control in a PassivHaus

This is a comment rather than a question.

In our pre-certified PassivHaus in northern NJ, we have 10-inches of densepack cellulose and 2-inches EPS in the walls, and 10-inches of closed-cell spray foam in the roof.

We've noticed that the noise attenuation through the walls is much greater than through the roof.

Most of the noise getting into the attic comes through the roof, which is asphalt shingle over plywood decking on 2x12 rafters, with the space between the rafters filled with 10-inches of the closed-cell spray foam.

Asked By Len Moskowitz | Oct 15 14
1 Answer

What is the best ventilation system for a passive design cafe/restaurant?

We are trying to design a passive cafe/restaurant building and i want to know the best ventilation system to use for the building please.

Asked By monita taghva | Oct 20 14
5 Answers

Retrofitting new wall inside existing frame

I have an interesting challenge in my 1941 1500SQFT energy retrofit in Minneapolis (Zone 6-7). I want to maximize realistic R-value while preserving the existing siding and sheathing, which we can assume has no vapor barrier (this will be verified when we open it up). While I would normally prefer to wrap the exterior, this is not possible at this time. There is no historic value to the plaster/sheetrock, and we're demoing kitchen and bath anyway, so I intend to do all insulation from the inside. The home is all 2x4 16"OC construction with old yellow fiberglass batts.

Asked By Ryan Griffin | Oct 8 14
7 Answers

US triple pane with uncoated glass?

I've been thinking that for the shaded south side of my Minneapolis home, triple panes with no Low-E coating might be best. I'm looking for a US made window that's decently insulated with high SHGC. I've asked a few manufacturers if they would make me a triple pane with clear glass, but I haven't found anyone willing to do this. Would I be giving up too much insulating performance (or interior heat reflectivity) with clear glass, and is the a US maker who will do this?


Asked By Ryan Griffin | Oct 5 14
1 Answer

How to protect a shallow monolithic footer during winter construction, zone 5

We have a Passive House design, which includes a shallow and 1'4'' wide mono footer. 4'' floating slab has 12'' deep thickened edges. 12'' under the slab are insulated. There are 4'' of EPS on all 3 sides of the footer. (see detail/picture).

Asked By Lucyna de Barbaro | Oct 1 14
18 Answers

Detail and Insulation Review

We are looking to do REMOTE wall construction on our new house located in S.E. Michigan. Currently drawn as 2" exterior rigid foam, but 3" will probably be the the correct amount to use. I plan to use Bituthene as the WRB, not sure if anyone can recommend any alternatives? I really like Bituthene's low perms and low cost, but I assume that asphalt products aren't all that green....

Asked By Eric Burhop | Jul 31 13
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