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6 Answers

Can we use a tin or other metal for a basement ceiling in a retail space?

We own a retail building with a large basement. We own the stained glass/fused glass business in the space. We are remodeling the basement to be a part of the public/retail space. The problem is the ceiling. We have exposed romex wiring between the joists and the ceiling is rather low - 6'5" at the bottom of the steel beams. Our code inspector has ruled out foaming the ceiling then painting over the foam; drop ceiling or nailed on ceiling tiles, and wood paneling. He thought that a metal ceiling may work but did not know. Any suggestions or creative solutions?? Thank you!

Asked By glassteacher | Oct 19 17
1 Answer

Capillary breaks and code

This is an offshoot from my previous question about choosing a product to use for the capillary break between the footer and the poured concrete foundation wall ...

In speaking with a rep from Tremco Sealants about using their Tremproof 250GC product for this purpose, he mentioned that we might want to check with our local building official to see if they have any problem with having a membrane in the cold joint between the footer and the wall.

Anybody ever heard of this being a problem?

Asked By William Costello | Oct 16 17
2 Answers

Swedish platform framing and other non-conventional framing practices

I'm in early stages of planning my new home and I want to build using swedish platform framing priniciples as described in the "new american wall" articles on this site and the lamidesign site.

I'm curious, for anyone who has built with this framing method or other non-conventional framing practices, what additional challenges did you face with respect to plan approval and framing inspection, and how did you overcome them?

Any and all words of wisdom are welcome!


Asked By user-6919167 | Oct 16 17
2 Answers

Does repair work have to follow current code?

It’s always about the water, and codes.

Our roof design is a mess, and our gutters are overwhelmed. I can identify most of the problems*, but since I currently live in a condo, I can’t just work on the exterior myself or hire a competent roofing and gutter contractor. I need to work through the condo association management. I have two questions.

Asked By andrew c | Oct 14 17
4 Answers

XPS on ridge beam

I insulated my basement walls with 2” XPS including cut and cobbling foam on to the ridge beam. The walls will be frammed and finished with wallboard. But do I need to also put drywall over the foam in the ridge beam to meet code?

Asked By adam stanton | Oct 7 17
8 Answers

Running coax and phone line parallel with electric wire?

Hi folks,

Without much prior experience, I decided to run my coax and phone line myself but after the fact, I have read that it's not good to run the phone/coax parallel with electric wire?.

As you can see in the picture, I have the coax/phone lines ran a couple inches above 12g and 10g wire. This goes for about 20 ft.

My question is - how much space in between the coax/phone and electric wire is needed to allow parallel runs?

Asked By tom87 | Oct 1 17
1 Answer


Good day. My question involves cogenerators. I currently livrd in my residence for over 17 years. This is in a high rise building. A couple of years ago the owners decided to install cogenerators. This cogeneration station is directly below my apartment. When the cogenerators were first installed, the temperatures in my apartnent went up about 25 degrees. The apartment was always anywhere between 90 and 100 degrees. My three children two of which are asthmatic experienced more asthma episodes and allergies and other symptoms.

Asked By Everette431 | Sep 28 17
2 Answers

(MA-specific) How to get clawfoot tub installed in NEW construction

We are about to pour slab-on-grade here in Massachusetts. Under-slab plumbing is done. Our hope is to reuse an old antique clawfoot tub in our new construction. *Reusing* old, instead of buying new, seems very 'green' to us, hence this inquiry at GBA.

MA has an 'approved plumbing list' for all fixtures. If it not on the list, then it is not permitted for installation. So far as I can tell, I don't think the AHJ can override it, but perhaps there is some slack.Until I am more sure of my options I do not want to have a discussion with the plumbing inspector office.

Asked By Kenneth Gartner | Sep 13 17
3 Answers

Bedroom egress window requirements

Do I still need to use an "egress" window? My master "suite" has two entry-exit paths, one through a central hallway and a second that opens into the 'family room" The family room has an exterior door located immediately to the right as one enters from the master suite.

Asked By Jerry Liebler | Sep 1 17
4 Answers

Does code allow an exterior stud wall to be cantilevered over rim joist?

New Hampshire, Zone 6a/ 1400 feet Elevation:

I am exploring a way to mitigate the thermal bridging at the rim joist of a double stud wall.

Does building code allow an exterior, load-bearing stud wall to 'hang off' the edge of the rim board? If so, I am hoping this would free up an inch or two to add rigid foam around rim joist and between bottom plate of stud wall and ICF wall. I am thinking either rigid mineral wool or Type II EPS for vapor openness in a cold climate.

Asked By Rick Evans | Aug 20 17
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