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1 Answer

If UL-approved aluminum tape is applied to the return side (bottom) of air handler to filter base, is mastic still required?

A co worker and i disagree on this mastic is required where condensation will allow tape to peel. But condensation does not occur between the filter base and air handler on an upflow system. Correct?

Asked By Acrescue Tech | Feb 21 18
20 Answers

Cold climate basement insulation and code questions

I live in SE Wisconsin (Climate Zone 6) in a 1930s house that has a currently unfinished cinder block basement with a concrete slab floor. The basement is unconditioned but stays at or above 55 degrees in the dead of winter. Basement walls are 95% below grade, and there are some small windows at the top of the walls. The house is heated with hot water radiant heat but there are no radiators or other heat / HVAC sources in basement.

Asked By Navigator16171 | Feb 19 18
4 Answers

LSL Framing

I'm planning on building a small cabin with some laminated strand lumber (LSL) framing. I'll be doing 24 inch on center, so I'm going with LSLs for some additional strength. Straighter walls and easier installation are added benefits too. LSL lumber is very expensive, so I'd like to just use them for the studs and then use standard dimensional lumber for top and bottom plates. I'm trying to find a cost effective way to incorporate some of the benefits of LSLs. I'm thinking that warping is less of a concern for the top and bottom plates.

Is there any concerns with this approach?

Asked By Rodrob15 | Feb 14 18
2 Answers

Can I get away with a moisture barrier and unfaced batts in an attic?

I'm in zone 2, and I'm getting mixed information from my local building supply. Does code allow me to install plastic sheeting between attic rafters, before unfaced insulation batts? Wouldn't this help prevent condensation by restricting air flow to the roof sheathing?

Asked By Rob Harman | Feb 2 18
1 Answer

Double stud walls and braced wall questions

Assuming that the exterior wall is the load bearing wall of a double stud wall system. It would not have drywall put on its interior, for 2013 IRC. therefore, would it incur the 1.4 penalty?

2013 IRC also does not state how a perpendicular interior braced wall should be attached to the exterior braced wall. Can ladders be used or does it have to line up with a full length stud?

method cs-pf is strong enough to be used for a portal but no mention is given to its braced length requirements if it is used just as a regular braced wall.

Asked By wolfe8105 | Feb 1 18
3 Answers

Ventilation system design? Rooms in "series".

I'm planning on using an ERV I pretty well have chosen one sold in the US under the Broan brand but made by Venmar in Canada The US PN is ERV250TE Looking around the Broan site I find"

Asked By Jerry Liebler | Jan 31 18
1 Answer

Flat roof: Roxul + polyiso + EPDM retrofit

Hi all,

I have a 13' x 18' half hexagonal single story bumpout with a very low slope uninsulated roof covered in 'something'.

Plan is to remove the 'something' and layer as follows:

roxul comfortbatt in cavities
Tapered 2 x 4s on top of existing to increase slope on top of rafters.
1/2" Plywood deck
Roof deck seam tape
4" wood edging (borders foam)
Two staggered layers of taped 2" unfaced polyiso
1/4" densdeck
6" HEADLOK flat head wood screws
60 mil white EPDM

Asked By Bridgette | Jan 31 18
1 Answer

Rim Joist Insulation - REMOTE method

Zone 5. I have insulated the conventionally framed walls and block foundation with two layers of 1.5" XPS, all on the exterior. My air and water barrier is continuous on back side of insulation. I plan to fill wall stud cavities with fiberglass or cellulose. At rim joists, I sometimes replaced one layer of XPS with 2x framing in order to hang joists for decks. So at the decks I only have R-7.5 plus 3" of wood (maybe R-4.2?), I'll need some kind of insulation on interior side of rim joists at those locations to meet energy code.

Asked By Joel Cheely | Jan 29 18
8 Answers

What test determines if I have enough hot water or not to meet local building codes?

I rent a house that I recently moved into and have been here for almost two months. Since day one I've noticed I barely have enough hot water to take decent showers. My landlord has told me several times that the boiler that provides hot water is performing the way it was designed to. I called town hall recently to have the building inspector stop by. He measured the temperature of the hot water coming out of my kitchen faucet with the faucet set wide open. The measured temperature when it stabilized was only 80 degrees.

Asked By Jes327 | Jan 27 18
3 Answers

Can a gable end stud wall be supported by an open span rim joist?

I want to build a house that is 40 ft wide. i want a vented crawlspace. there will be 3 stem wall foundations running the 80 length of the house. splitting the floor span to two 20 ft spans. i will use common trusses. the issue is the gable ends. if i am required to use balloon framing as in 602.3 suggests. then table 602.3.1 for 12 ft stud walls plus the height of the roof states that it is only good for the condition on 12 ft floor span. since this is the gable end does this still apply?

Asked By wolfe8105 | Jan 25 18
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