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7 Answers

Rigid foam overcoat method on my own house

Been reading this website on and off for the last 7 years or so. I really appreciate the knowledge base here.

It is time to re-roof my own house, Denver, climate zone 5b. I plan on incorporating something similar to the JLC August 2014 article, "Project Overcoat" with a couple of caveats.

Asked By Matthew St Martin | Mar 20 15
14 Answers

Who the heck can draw an advanced framed house...or is it even drawn that way?

So I'm working toward building an affordable house and am not working with an architect (Talked to a friend of mine's firm and the $10,000 price tag is a huge part of my budget so no can do). I've also talked to a couple of draftsmen who don't know anything about advanced framing. Where can I find a semi-affordable draftsman who knows how to draw advanced framed plans?

Asked By Andrew Bennett | Mar 12 15
13 Answers

Please review my floor plan

See attachment for proposed floor plan. My dear, dear wife likes most of it except the location of the pantry/utility room. I've tried to move the flexroom to the area behind the garage (see second attachment), but I end with with a smaller closet and bath in the master. She urged me to ask other people...I am askin'. What's your input on that or anything else you see?

Asked By Andrew Bennett | Mar 14 15
11 Answers

Plans Review with a few questions

We are getting closer to building our new home. The preliminary drawings have been completed (links to plans at the bottom). We aren’t exactly building a green house, but over the last year I’ve read an enormous amount of good information from this website and a few others to help guide me in building a more durable and energy efficient house than what is typically done around here (vented crawlspaces and ducts in a vented attic are pretty standard here).

Asked By Michael Geoghegan | Feb 4 15
3 Answers

Can R-10 XPS foam against concrete and R-15 mineral wool batts between framing be combined in a basement?

I'm in the process of finalizing the plans for my basement. Our current plan is to do R-10 XPS attached to the concrete blocks walls, followed by R-15 mineral wool batts between the studs. I live in central NJ, and the foundation wall is more than 60% above grade.

I'm now concerned about condensation between the mineral wool and foam. Allowing (extremely generously) R-5 for the concrete block, the foam + block is R-15 total.

Asked By David Pfeffer | Feb 26 15
3 Answers

Are leaks in a structure...

Checking for leaks? is the Green's leakage decreased in homes, now that it has gone green? Or, is it basically the same / near or = to studies (in normal construction techniques)?

Asked By arf shr | Feb 8 15
2 Answers

Using rigid foam on a concrete block house - Northern Ohio

I currently have a 1947 one story - exterior concrete block house(2000sf) with 2X2 interior framing filled with batt insulation. That is covered by a mix of wood paneling/drywall. The front of the house already had a 4 inch styrofoam with a textured stucco put on before we got the house. The block exterior is going to need to be painted this year if I don't do something. I do not think it was every sealed/primed/painted correctly as paint is popping off. If I do paint it correctly would I now create a moisture issue?

Asked By Tim M | Feb 1 15
1 Answer

Can I install mini split units on the same wall?

I'm looking to install a 19 SEER Mitsubishi 24000 BTU mini split system on my garage. I'm limited in where I can put the outdoor unit, so my desired location happens to be directly behind where I want to put the indoor unit. The wall that will separate the units is 2-layer brick, so I expect that the lineset length will only be a max of 3-4 feet

Asked By Elliot Boyce | Jan 11 15
10 Answers

Paperless Home Design-Build

I don't know how many are aware that over the past decade or two the aircraft/auto and some other industries have gone to paperless (no blueprint) designs. The design is built and inspected to 3D datasets, or DMUs(Digital Mock-up Units), some of which, but not all, interface to CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing), mainly auto-fastening, CNC machining, rapid prototype type operations.

Asked By Terry Lee | Nov 2 14
7 Answers

Does this plan for a vented over-roof make sense?

Hi all, first time asking a question but I’ve found this Q&A very helpful in the past. Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m planning to add a vented over-roof to my zone 6 northern NY house. It has three roof sections: two cathedral and one with an attic. I’ll be dense packing the cathedral ceilings with cellulose and spray foaming the attic before over-roofing, making all three roofs hot and roughly R-25+ before the over-roof. Here’s the thinking on the vented over-roof layers, from bottom up:

1) Decking
2) Air barrier membrane

Asked By Jan Wellford | Oct 3 14
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